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There are three very important qualities to look for when choosing a cosmetic surgeon:


Any licensed physician can perform cosmetic surgery and some do with little more specialize training than attendance at a weekend seminar. It’s unfortunate that so many physicians are willing to perform cosmetic surgery without the prerequisite education. That is why it is very important that you look into the background and education of a cosmetic surgeon before you consider having them perform any cosmetic procedure. Make sure that the physician has sufficient training and experience in the particular procedure you are considering.

No one medical specialty has a monopoly on the field of cosmetic surgery. However, some specialties have contributed more to the body of knowledge than others. Dermatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, oral maxillary surgery, and plastic surgery, are all specialties that have contributed significantly to the field of cosmetic surgery. Tumescent Liposuction, Hair Transplantation, Laser Resurfacing, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Chemical Peel, and Collagen treatments were all originated or revolutionized by Dermatologists.

This doesn’t mean other medical specialties should not perform those procedures. The important point is that any physician performing a procedure must have adequate, formalized training before you consider them for your procedure. Claims that one specialty is the more competent in performing a cosmetic surgery procedure is not a substitute for actual training and experience.


The saying “Quality, not Quantity” is important to remember in cosmetic surgery. Many doctors believe performing ten cosmetic surgeries a day makes them a better surgeon. If this philosophy were true, McDonalds would be a “5 Star Restaurant”. If a physician runs an assembly line, the patients get lost in the shuffle and quality decreases drastically.


It is of paramount importance that physicians educate their patients on the various treatment alternatives, be it surgery, medication, or nothing at all. The physician should act as the patient's advocate, not as a salesman trying to convince a potential to go forward with an unneeded procedure. A doctor should never try to sell a patient on a cosmetic surgery procedure that is not in the patient's best interest.

About Dr. McAndrews

  • Member of the Board of Directors, ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)
  • President of the Board of Directors, ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) 2012
  • Administered 2012 annual oral board exams for ABHRS – Seoul, South Korea
  • Co-Author "Hair Transplantation – Chapter: Design of the Frontal Hairline"
  • Featured Lecturer of the 2nd annual Association of Asian Hair Restoration Surgeons – Bangkok, Thailand 2012
  • Featured lecturer and moderator, Annual Scientific Meeting, ISHRS Bahamas 2012
  • Appeared twice on "The Doctors" TV Show explaining the latest advances in Hair Transplant
  • Co-Author “Comprehensive Aesthetic Rejuvenation – Chapter: A Regional Approach”
  • Vice President of ABHRS 2011
  • Castle and Connolly "Top Doctor" 2011
  • Administered 2011 oral board exams for ABHRS – Houston and Thailand
  • USC School of Medicine "Outstanding Teacher Award in Surgical Dermatology" 2010
  • Chairman, Annual Scientific meeting, ISHRS – Boston 2010
  • Featured Lecturer of the 1st annual Association of Asian Hair Restoration Surgeons – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Senior Medical Advisor, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.
  • Board-Certified Dermatologist, specializing in hair transplant, hair restoration, hair loss reversal, and corrective dermatology
  • Clinical Professor at USC School of Medicine for Resident Doctors teaching medical treatments of hair loss and dermatology
  • Consultant to Merck, Inc. on hair loss and frequent keynote speaker on the benefits of Propecia®.
  • Consultant to Pfizer, Inc. on hair loss and member of the Rogaine® Speakers Bureau.
  • Member, American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Performed Dermatology residency and was the Chief Resident at USC/LA County Medical Center.
  • Served in the United States Air Force as a Flight Surgeon.
  • Earned medical degree from USC School of Medicine, where he was recognized as a Dean’s Scholar
  • Awarded an Air Force Scholarship for Medical School
  • Elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the National Medical Honor Society
  • Scored in the top 4 percentile in the nation on the National Board Medical Exam
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


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